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Weekly Tango Practice - Every Tuesday

Tango By The Beach Red Logo

Join us for Tango practica (practice) at the Lewes Senior Center,  32083 Janice Rd. Lewes, DE 19958 from 7pm - 9-ish. Use the back entrance near Lewes-Georgetown trail entrance.  All ages (16+) welcome. Free Parking.

If you're an experienced dancer welcome. No partner required. $5 donation requested. Nice large dance floor. Great music.


If you're new to Tango come also -- to see what we do or dance a few steps and really see what Tango is all about. Hint - it's not the Tango you see on TV. That's American or Show Tango. We dance Argentine Tango which is less flashy and more gentle. It's really all about the walk and the connection between the partners. We welcome all ages from 16 to 106 and all skill levels. No Partner required. No charge to try us out.  You know you want to, there's no time like the present. Discover a dance unlike any other.

Note: We normally meet every Tuesday evening but things do happen, so if you're traveling to attend our dances please confirm by clicking the button.

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