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International Tango Day

Is celebrated December 11th every year

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Carlos Gardel

 is considered one of the founders of Tango. Although he was born December 11, 1890,  in Toulouse, France, it was while living  in Argentina that he became famous as a singer, composer and actor and is now celebrated as the Father of Tango and why December 11

Photo of Carlos Gardel, founder of Tango

was chosen as National Tango Day. Gardel was believed to be the first to add lyrics to familiar Tango instrumentals with his rendition of Mi Noche Triste or My Sad Night. After that many others followed by adding their poetic lyrics to classic Tango tunes.

Tango would go on to be the most famous dance in the world. It tells the story of struggling men and women who come together to conquer the trials and tribulations of life and find that the love and comfort of Tango helps to balance their struggles.

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