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Ukrainian Benefit Milonga info

We hope to see you at our Milonga on Sunday, April 16th, 2023 3-6 pm at the Lewes Senior Center.

Katya, our guest teacher and official volunteer for the Ukrainian army has received requests for donations of some additional items. If you plan to bring something and haven't purchased anything yet and still wish to do so, we have listed below two items available on Amazon that can be shipped within a few days. we included the multiples because of overall cost savings but single items are certainly welcome.


Thank you so much for your generosity. 

Katya, is most grateful for your gifts.

Ukraine Benefit Milonga

Featuring Katya Merezhinsky as a guest instructor for our Ukraine Benefit Milonga. A tango teacher and a dancer with many years of diverse dancing experience from folk to stage.

23 years of active tango dancing and teaching in both Europe and the Washington DC metro area.
Special studies and experience in kinesiology, anatomy, therapy in movement. 

She owns a tango school in Washington DC (Tango Niche), and has organized many Tango events, hosting top Argentine Tango teachers from Argentina, Europe, Australia and US. 

Katya studied with many of the most acknowledged Argentinian dancers, teachers and researchers (Pablo Veron, Fabian Salas, Cecilia Gonzales, Naveira family and many others)


Her emphasis is on fundamental technique, principles of improvisation, tango musicality, and the overall understanding of how Tango Argentino works.

Her teaching principles are based on those taught in Tango Academias of Buenos Aires. 

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