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We're planning our next Tango  classes in Lewes Delaware after the New Year Holiday. If you might be interested please hit the button below to let us know. Actual dates may depend upon demand for the lessons so, even if you're just considering it please let us know and contact us. We're also planning another class for folks who've finished our basic class and need a little higher level class. Also let us know that by clicking the button. We're here for YOU.

An Introduction to Argentine Tango for Beginners

Our series of one hour classes will familiarize new students with the basics of Argentine Tango. There are different classes depending upon the students' experience level, starting with Tango-100 (our Intro class), 101 and 102 all designed to cover the basic moves through more advanced levels appropriate for various levels of experience from beginner to more experienced.

Your instructor is John Huegel. We work in cooperation with Amanda Showell's Dancing on the Shore.  These group classes are geared to brand new dancers or anyone with limited tango experience who might not feel comfortable with their current tango skills. Advanced classes are offered as needed. No prior experience is required and no partner is required. Students will normally rotate dance partners unless they come as a couple and prefer to stay together. 

Class members are encouraged to stay after class and practice with experienced dancers at the tango practica (practice) from 7-9pm immediately following each class. Class and the after-class practica mentioned above are both included in the tuition.

Prepayment is required.  To register, call or text Amanda at 302 377-3088 Monday thru Friday from 8am - 9pm or email

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