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 An Introduction to Argentine  Tango for Beginners

Tango By The Beach and Dancing On The Shore are working together to give you the perfect introduction to Argentine Tango.  To help you we are offering two classes that will speed your journey to dance Tango.  The first is a four week Introduction to Argentine Tango 101 class.   This class is ideal if you have little or no dance experience but would like to try the beautiful and elegant Argentine Tango. It will introduce you to the basics of the Tango embraces, walking forward and backwards, rock steps, ochos, walking with turns, parallel and cross walking  basics and more. 
The second class, Argentine Tango 102  builds upon the first. We'll teach you additional steps but, most importantly we'll also work with each student to improve your style and execution of the Tango moves and of the most important Tango Walk.

Both classes are offered at the Lewes Senior Activity Center on Tuesday evenings from 6 -7 pm.

The classes are open to all adults 18 or better. No experience or partner is required for Tango 101.  Argentine Tango 102  requires completion of  Tango 101 or equivalent knowledge. No partner required. They are also good for those who have some Tango experience but who don't feel good about their dancing skills or are uncomfortable leading or following a partner or need to build up their confidence on the dance floor.







The classes are NOT run at the same time.  They are scheduled when we have at least 6 students signed up. So you must let us know if you want to try Tango 101 or need Tango 102.

If you're not sure which is right for you call Amanda and discuss it. Class is 4 weeks in Lewes, Delaware on Tuesdays  from 6-7pm. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. No Drop-Ins.  We encourage you to stay after class for Practica  (practice) from 7-9 pm to dance with experienced Tango dancers for free. Class and 8 hours of practice is only $50 per person.

Your instructor,  John Huegel has over 12 years of  Tango experience. We work in cooperation with Amanda Showell's Dancing on the Shore.  No prior experience is required for Tango 101. No partner is required for either class. Students will normally rotate dance partners unless they come as a couple and prefer to stay together.  Come and have  fun learning Argentine Tango!  Classes are scheduled every month or two. Call for our next session.  Advanced classes or private lessons are offered as needed.

If you are interested in these classes contact Amanda to ask questions or register at 302-377-3088 Mon-Fri or email  anytime. Amanda will be able to tell you if this is the right class for you. Pay by Check, Cash, Venmo, Zelle or  Cash App. 

Sign Up Now. Classes are cancelled if we don't have enough people signed up

and class size is limited to a manageable number.

Our next Argentine Tango starts May 14th.  If you want to be included contact Amanda now and tell her what you need - Beginner or Advanced.

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