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Introduction to Tango Lesson  plus 
Tango Vibes Afternoon Milonga

Poster of Tango Vibes Milonga event

Tango By The Beach is presenting an exciting Argentine Tango event for the community on Sunday April 21, 2024.  All locals and visitors are invited to the Lewes Senior Activity Center, 32083 Janice Road. Lewes, DE 19958,  for some Argentine Tango.  Don’t confuse Argentine Tango with the Tango you may see on TV or on screen.  That, like all entertainment dancing is show dancing and carefully choreographed prior to the performance. 
Real Argentine Tango is a partner dance where two people dance together in either an open or closed embrace. The dance steps are completely unscripted and initiated by the leader and wordlessly communicated to their partner using subtle chest and body movements. The follower feels the movements then responds by completing the led action and adding additional steps or moves and  embellishments that make real Argentine tango a pleasure to dance or to watch. 
If you learn Argentine Tango you can travel to any country in the world and attend a Milonga (social dance) where you could ask for or accept an invitation to dance a tonda (series of 1-3 dances) using only your eyes and a nod without knowing a word of foreign language. Then return to your seat and repeat with another dance partner all without saying a word. 
Another unique feature of Argentine Tango is that tonda. Traditionally after dancing the three or four dances included in a tonda you change partners before dancing with a different person.
We’re inviting you to Discover Tango by coming as a single or with a partner to the Lewes Senior Activity Center on Sunday April 21st from 2-3pm to learn all about Argentine Tango and actually try a few moves. We will have a Tango instructor and some experienced leaders and followers that will dance with you and coach you so you can experience two styles of Tango Embrace and the Tango Walk plus learn more about Tango history and traditions You might even learn a few steps. All for just $5 per person. We suggest shoes with leather soles to allow you to pivot. Also included at no extra charge is our invitation stay and watch experienced dancers and listen to traditional Tango music at the Milonga from 3-6pm.

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